Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Foreign Affair

I didn't go to Denmark with the intention of falling in love - it just happened.  And to be honest, I thought I was past the days of holiday romances - and I certainly thought I was too much of a cynic nowadays to believe in love at first sight.

I had looked forward to this meeting for some time with a mix of excitement and anxiety.  What if we didn't like each other?  I shouldn't have worried, though, because within minutes of setting eyes on one another, we were laughing, kissing and cuddling and rolling on the ground.

WAIT!!!  I can sense some raised eyebrows around here.  Those of you that know me are probably wondering what is going on.  "She has met someone, and hasn't told us!".  Well, I was hesitant to talk about it because I was unsure if my own feelings were reciprocated, but I have now been told that it is a mutual feeling.

So........... let me describe her...............Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention that bit.  I didn't meet a man.  I met a girl - and that was the other reason I hesitated to talk about it - I was unsure how you would all take it.

Anyway -  She is intelligent, loving, full of fun, engaging, attentive and a huge flirt.  She has deep brown eyes full of love and mischief, wonderfully silky black hair, golden brown legs, and a very pretty face.

Although she is Danish, language wasn't a problem - we seemed to find our own unspoken language with which to communicate and I very quickly became besotted with her - and apparently she was crazy about me too.

We spent hours walking and playing on the beach, racing up sand dunes, getting sand in our clothes and water in our (well, my) boots (she had bare feet), cuddling on the sofa, cuddling on the floor,  I was in seventh heaven.  I wasn't sure what my family were going to say about all of this, but at the time, I didn't care - they were at home, and I was in Denmark with my new love.

The time was over too soon and I had to come home - sadly leaving her behind.  I know she will be happy without me - she already has people who love her very much.  And I have family who love me very much too.  But a little bit of my heart has stayed behind in Denmark.

Her name is Tilde.

Running up and down the sand dunes

Enjoying the beach together

Who needs speech to communicate


Beautiful girl

Sofa time

Lots of cuddles

About to have dinner 

Pretty Tilde


  1. A beautiful love letter, Jan.
    I share all those feelings with you. Tilde is a one of a kind, and we can't do anything else than to fall madly in love with her.
    I saw your connection grow in just a few days, and it was wonderful to see, how Tilde was also falling in love back with you.
    When most others left during Sunday, I did seem to notice too, it was like Tilde was very happy, when you spend another day in our cottage. Maybe she thought you were never going to leave, and you were going to live with us.
    You are always welcome, and I am sure you will meet again. And I promise to give her a cuddle every day, while whispering in her ear, it is a cuddle from Jan, that nice lady from Scotland.

  2. Thank you! Not sure what my three girls would think - but they don't need to know !!!